A Pilot's Life - It's time for a new adventure



Can’t decide where to fly next?
Are you looking for a simulation of a commercial pilot career?
We have the solution for you!

A PILOT’S LIFE application will generate your schedule, track your flights, give you purpose to fly and provide a sense of continuity while you do this. Everything is based around your commercial pilot career. It will take you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world-renowned airline. In the beginning you will be offered a job and you will generate your schedule. As you progress and complete the flights, you will earn virtual money and experience (XP) based on flight time and number of routes completed. After a while, you will advance in pilot rankings, receive offers from other airlines and most importantly, you will have fun doing this.


- Compatible with all major flight simulators (FSX/P3D/X-PLANE)
- More than 300 airlines included, complete with real and up-to-date schedules and fleets
- Multi-hub environment for the airlines that have them
- Multi-leg routes that will take you to places you may have never thought of flying to
- Realistic salary based on your rating and current employer
- Job market with auto generated offers and job application/acceptance mechanism
- Virtual shop with realistically priced objects where you can spend your hard-earned money
- Ability to purchase flight tickets when you are tired of working and need to take a vacation
- Reports page for detailed analysis of your pilot career
- Community page for interacting with other users
- Personal photo album, printable contracts, resume, flight logs
- Live map so you can track your flight and your friend’s whereabouts (https://www.simbitworld.com/aplOpsLiveMap.html)
- SimBrief dispatcher page integration
- Live support on our Discord channels (https://discord.gg/UgwbNvB)
- Continuously growing community and much more